Our Menu of Services

Design Consultation and Execution

Let’s face it; designing a space can be overwhelming with all of the choices available these days. Obtaining even a little help to create a cohesive interior decorating plan can drastically reduce the stress and uncertainty when making your home or office a happy and useful place. We can help with one or all of the necessary design decisions. We can help it all makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Color Consultation and Execution

Colors affect moods more than most people realize. The color choices and color combinations can be largely responsible for you relaxation, energy, and overall happiness! Choosing the appropriate colors for a specific space can help to more effectively use that space. e.g. A yellow room will energize and inspire. Conversely, a blue room can stimulate a feeling of tranquility. Properly using color combinations is an important part in creating an aesthetically unified home or office space.

Custom Construction of Furniture

We all encounter awkward spaces around our home. This is where a custom, and affordable, piece of furniture may be constructed to best utilize that awkward space. Custom creations, whether large or small, can maximize functionality for any office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen!

Staging Sale Properties and Rentals

Staging is an extremely important step when trying to sell or rent a property. However, it is often overlooked. By properly managing the spacial relations and paying special attention to proportions, you can highlight the best use of each particular space within the home. It also helps potential buyers to envision themselves in that space, thereby increasing the likelihood of a generous offer. A staged interior design is much different than a living space.

Shopping Assistance

Sometimes we find that time management is harder than it seems, especially in today's fast paced world. Holly Adrianne Design can help streamline your life by assisting you with shopping for interior decoration and home decor item. We can accompany you, and help you make wise purchase decisions. Or you can hand the shopping reins over to us.


Don't fret about taking on your next event alone. Whether a small ladies luncheon, upscale charity gala, or your daughter's wedding, Holly Adrianne Design will work with you to make your next event a beautifully unique, seamless, and stress-free affair. We will handle all of the event details; from invitations and event decorations to clean up. We want you to focus on your friends and family! No party is too large or too small. Remember, it's often the details that make for the best memories.

“The Outdoor Room”

We too often lose inspiration when it comes to our outdoor space. Holly Adrianne Design will show you that whether you have a very small patio or an overwhelming yard, the outdoor space can be a usable extension of your home and lifestyle. Turn your outdoor space into a welcoming space for entertaining, your own personal oasis, or something beyond your wildest imagination.

The Bee's Knees Catering

The Bee’s Knees Catering is a local, family owned and operated business. They provide full-service catering for all occasions, at home or in large venues. From home delivered dinner parties to complete butler-served weddings, anything is possible! Their philosophy is simple: Do what you love and you will do it well. Their passion is entertaining, and they strive to showcase the best of what is around us. They utilize products from local businesses whenever possible to support our neighbors. They shop the local farmers markets and small purveyors of goods. The Bee's Knees Catering believes that keeping it close to home is an important part of their fiber. Their presentation is beautiful, but not pretentious. Their chefs craft all of the sauces and marinades by hand. They bakes the desserts from scratch and use herbs grown right in our own backyard. The Bee’s Knees Catering is truly is a pinnacle of fresh, quality food at an affordable cost. Visit their website at bzknees.com or give them a buzz at 860.836.4795 and let them design a custom proposal for you today.